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Photo FINNish

by Robert Deaves

  • ISBN:
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  • Published:
  • Edition:
  • 9780955900112
  • Paperback
  • 224
  • 210 x 298 mm
  • 2009
  • 1st
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The Finn was designed in 1949 by Rickard Sarby of Sweden and was first used at the Olympic Games in 1952. Throughout the past 60 years this class has made a unique contribution to the sport of sailing and has produced countless heroes and legends out of its sailors.

With over a thousand photographs and personal accounts from 68 former sailors and champions, this unique book is presented as a chronological photographic history, with a gallery of images for each and every year from the earliest beginnings of the class in 1949 right through to 2009, and covers most of the races and events that have defined the history of the ultimate singlehanded racing dinghy.

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