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Crew's Pocketbook

by Tim Davison

Illustrations:117 colour photos, 119 diagrams
Size:210 x 100 mm
Series:Nautical Pocketbooks
Foreign Rights Sold:German
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The ideal companion for anyone new to sailing, or those looking to remind themselves of the essential skills. Written in a friendly and approachable way, it assumes no nautical knowledge and uses diagrams and photographs to demystify the art of sailing.

A yacht can seem a daunting place to a new crew. This book gives you the basic knowledge to work the boat, be safe, have fun… and be asked back for more! Devised to be given to new crew to read before they arrive at the dock, it is also great to be kept on board as a quick and easy reference guide.

For the more experienced, this is a practical aide-memoire with guidance on knots, manoeuvres and sail trim. There are also tips and techniques to help you gain introductory sailing qualifications.


“Tim Davison has drawn on his well of knowledge, using it to ensure the newbie's apprehension is put to rest quickly. It is a book that will surely allow the newcomer to become a competent, confident crew; and even the 'old hands' may do well to reacquaint themselves with some of the advice on offer.” Sailing Magazine

“A useful ready-reckoner.” Yachting Monthly

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