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Fernhurst Books was founded in 1979. After time as part of John Wiley, it is now back as an independent company, run by a team of enthusiastic sailors, including the original founder.

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Fernhurst Books offer you videos from our authors, updates to our Cruising Companions and other resources to support our books.

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Practical Navigation For The Modern Boat Owner – Online Simulator


Welcome to the Practical Navigation download page.

Here you can download the seaPro3000 navigation software adding a further dimension to this book. This software will allow you to test your skills while learning on an array of simulators.

Please read the download instructions before proceeding.

How to download and install

1. Press the download button below.

2. A new window will open – enter your name and address in the desired fields (you can choose to NOT recieve email newsletters by unticking the box), then click Submit.

3. Read the instructions carefully and click Download.

4. Save (do not run) the seaPro3000Install.exe into a convenient folder on your hard disk (good idea to note where you have saved the file to).

5. Run the seaPro3000Install.exe program.

To do this, simply use the Windows Explorer (right click on start menu and then explore). Double click on the downloaded file to run it. An installation wizard will start – follow the on screen instructions.

6. The installation wizard will ask you what you want to install, select Demo.

Once installed, use the seaPro3000 demo icon on the desktop to run the demo. (You will be able to choose which version of seaPro you want to run each time you start the demo).

You can use the same download to install the FREE version of seaPro lite or, if you have purchased a suitable dongle, the full version of your product.

Note: When you start seaPro3000Install.exe it will place two files on your computer, InstallCharting.exe and Setup3000.exe, and then automatically run the Setup3000.exe which installs seaPro. You can delete these two files once seaPro is installed, or keep them for future use.




EuroNav seaPro Professional is a powerful electronic charting and navigation system designed for the modern Navigator (sub-ECDIS).

seaPro provides practical real-time navigation that interfaces to GPS, ship board sensors and ARPA radars. Used together with high quality digital charts such as S57, Livecharts or ARCS, seaPro provides the ideal central navigation station.

Key Features

  • Improved safety
  • Real-time navigation
  • ‘At a glance’ situation awareness
  • Overlay of ARPA radar targets on charts
  • Automatic “look ahead” view for maximum clarity
  • Weather overlays
  • Improved safety


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