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Knot Companion

by Steve Judkins & Tim Davison

  • ISBN:
  • Format:
  • Pages:
  • Illustrations:
  • Size:
  • Published:
  • Edition:
  • 9780470061695
  • Spiral bound splash proof
  • 24
  • 73 colour drawings
  • 222 x 80 mm
  • 2007
  • 1st
  • Series:
  • Foreign rights sold:
£7.99 BUY BOOK

This is an essential guide to tying knots, covering the 10 knots everyone should know, plus coiling and throwing a rope and whipping (stopping the end unravelling).

This little companion serves as a great reminder of crucial information. It is laminated to stand up to frequent use and serves as a super aide-memoire that will fit into your jacket pocket.


"This slimline, ring-bound, waterproof book very clearly illustrates the most-used knots, in full colour." Sailing Magazine

"The fact you can hang this on a hook and it's splash-proof makes it great to have on board." Boat Mart,

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