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Self Publishing House



Fernhurst Books is an independent UK-based publisher with over forty years' experience. We commission and publish a range of book formats including straight narrative, highly illustrated how-to guides and coffee table / gift books.

The traditional model for book publishing is that the publisher covers the cost of commissioning, editing, designing, typesetting, printing, marketing, sales and distribution of the book, and looks to cover these costs and make a profit from the resulting book sales.

While this works well for lucrative, high-selling titles, many potential authors get rejected because the publisher is not prepared to take the risk of all the up-front costs without reasonable certainty of a return. Also, some authors are simply not looking for this kind of arrangement, or expecting huge sales; instead wanting to create a book for their friends and family or for personal satisfaction.

This is where Fernhurst Books’ self-publishing service, Self Publishing House, comes in. Harnessing all of our experience as a publisher of over 140 titles, we are able to help authors self-publish high quality books and eBooks for personal use and to sell. What’s more, we help authors to earn money from sales of their book, typically at a much higher rate than within the traditional publishing model. 

Self Publishing House guides authors through the publishing process with a range of services, including:

EDITORIAL: Full edit: Proof reading
BOOK DESIGN: Typesetting; Layout design; Cover design; eBook conversion
ADMINISTRATION: Sourcing ISBNs; Generating barcodes
PRINTING: Traditional (litho / offset) printing; Digital printing; Print-on-demand
DISTRIBUTION: Metadata; Setting up on worldwide distribution platform
MARKETING: Media relations; Facebook marketing 




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As no two books are the same, we quote on a book-by-book basis – dependent on the word count, length, format and content of your manuscript – for the services you wish to use. Please contact us for a free, personal and no obligations quote.

"I have never published before, but now I have confidence having been served by Self Publishing House. Thank you to this family business for their clear, efficient and caring help." Rev Charles Sugden, Cello Teacher's Companion