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Try Sailing In May

02 May 2022

So, you want to learn to sail. All you need to do is to buy a boat and put it in the water and go out…. Right? – How hard can it be?   True enough you might be able to get out on the water if you have been able to rig and launch properly, but then how can you turn the boat around? What do those... Read more

It's Closer to Home Than You Think

26 April 2022

Everyone knows about plastic in the oceans and the damage it does to the animals that live in the sea, but the other week we were reminded that the problem is much closer than that and even extended to our inland water. We were sailing out to the afternoon race when we spotted a seagull trying,... Read more

Communicate Clearly

13 April 2022

For the first decade of my adult life, I sailed a two-man trapeze boat (the Laser 2 – remember that?), but then children came along and I stopped sailing for about 15 years. I returned in a single-hander as the easiest option. About 15 years later the possibility of sailing a two-man trapeze... Read more

A Long Way To Get Blown

06 April 2022

Last summer we moored in Loch Scresort, on the island of Rum in the Scottish Isles after a long sail from Loch Na Droma Buidre on the mainland. After a good night at anchor the rest of the crew were keen to climb some Corbets. Apparently impossible to do all of them in a day if you arrive on Rum by... Read more

Dives That Changed My Life

21 March 2022

When I was originally approached to write Amazing Diving Stories, I knew I would have no problem finding the material. I’d been scuba diving full-time all around the world in my role as Chief Correspondent and Technical Editor of UK’s Diver Magazine and I’d had some interesting encounters with... Read more