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Diesel Companion

by Manley, Pat

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Published:26th March 2019
Type:Spiral bound splash proof
Series:Practical Companions


A compact, handy, on-the-water reference guide containing all the essential information about keeping your marine diesel engine running for when you need it most: the perfect quick reference guide to keep onboard.

The book covers the parts of the engine and has checklists for monthly, weekly and daily checks. It outlines what to do if the engine won’t start, or stop, if it overheats or there are problems with the fuel system. It tells you about servicing, the electrics and winterisation.

Splash-proof and spiral bound – allowing you to lay it out flat beside your engine – this little book stands up to frequent use and will be a valued companion when the engine doesn’t behave.

Illustrations:47 colour photos, 21 diagrams
Dimensions:222 x 80 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:Norwegian

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