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200 Skipper's Tips

by Tom Cunliffe

  • ISBN:
  • Format:
  • Pages:
  • Illustrations:
  • Size:
  • Published:
  • Edition:
  • 9780470972885
  • Paperback
  • 112
  • 177 colour photos, 34 diagrams
  • 210 x 100 mm
  • 2010
  • 1st
  • Foreign rights sold:
  • Polish
£11.99 BUY BOOK

Dip into any of the 200 tips in this handy book to make yourself a better yachtsman. They are the very best of the Skipper’s Tips from the pages of Yachting Monthly magazine and from the pen of Tom Cunliffe.

Discover practical skills that you won’t find anywhere else. Each tip is illustrated and there’s something for everyone – from complete beginner to ocean navigator.

Skipper’s Tips is a treasure trove of nautical know-how, covering everything from seamanship and life on board to navigation and safety, with lots more in between.


“...offers ample scope for improving your seamanship, navigation, boat-handling, safety at sea, ropework, weather forecasting...and quality of life on board.” Yachting Monthly

“'ll be surprised how much you learn from these bitesize nuggets.” Yachting World

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