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Essential Boat Electrics

by Ballam, Oliver & Manley, Pat

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Published:5th November 2021
Series:Boat Maintenance Guides


Electricity is vital on board most boats: to keep their systems running and to provide the crew with the services they expect. Much of it will be professionally fitted and many yachtsmen will have little knowledge about the finer detail of electric circuits. But, given the importance of electrical power, some understanding of it is likely to be useful: either to use when required away from the marina or to repair and upgrade your systems. 

This book is written to provide that understanding and to allow you to undertake electrical jobs on board yourself, properly and safely. It removes the mystique of boat electrics and gives you the confidence to tackle the jobs when you need to.  

Included are the minimum formulae and theory required, focussing more on the practical – using simple language and clear illustrations. There are tutorials, from using a multimeter and wiring a circuit, to troubleshooting electrical faults, all using easy-to-follow photo sequences. The book also looks at tasks such as choosing solar panels and batteries and connecting navigational instruments. 

The book is a great manual for a yachtsman needing to keep the power flowing. It has been thoroughly modernised and updated for this new edition by boating electric wizard Oliver Ballam. 


“Straightforward in presentation, this work offers easy-to-read explanations... The book is a typical good quality Fernhurst product: soft-back; clearly printed on good paper with copious illustration.” Cruising Association

“A book to be kept on the boat together with a selection of the well-illustrated tools… will be immediately useful, even to the least confident.” Yachting Monthly

“Easy to read and with lots of excellent pictures, Pat Manley clearly knows his subject and has produced an excellent little book.” Cruising Association

"It is aimed squarely at the beginner with simple text and clear photos and diagrams." Practical Boat Owner

“sound, clear information that can be readily understood. It’ll give anyone a good grounding in boat electrics.” Sailing Today

Dimensions:210 x 170 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:Polish

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