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Knot Pack

by Davison, Tim & Judkins, Steve

£12.99 BUY BOOK
Published:1st November 2022


All you need to help you learn the important knots, and a perfect gift for the keen sailor or outdoor adventurer. 

The pack contains 3 one-metre lengths of coloured rope (the colours may vary) together with the beautifully illustrated 64-page Knots & Splices book.  

The book features the ten knots everyone should know, plus 16 other knots and 7 splices and whippings. It illustrates clearly how to tie each knot using sequential diagrams and a step-by-step approach. The use and benefits of each knot is described and the times when special care is needed highlighted. 

Combined with the practice ropes, this is an ideal way to learn how to tie knots which will serve a lifetime’s sailing or adventuring. 

Illustrations:212 colour illustrations
Dimensions:210 x 195mm