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Waterproof Notebook Pocket-Sized

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Published:22nd December 2000
Type:Spiral bound


This waterproof notebook is ideal for sailing, canoeing, diving, hiking, orienteering and is even useful on the golf course! If you write with a pencil or chinagraph the pages can be re-used. It is spiral bound to be flat and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Larger, lined version also available


“great for pilotage notes, on-the-go log entries or sketches.” Sailing Today

"Finding a dry piece of paper in a small boat can be difficult - which is why Fernhurst have introduced their waterproof notebook ... plasticised paper which can be written on when wet and have been shown not to disintegrate even after prolonged immersion." Practical Boat Owner

"This very useful notebook of waterproof sheets is spiral bound so that it can be opened flat or folded back on itself. It floats if dropped in the water and the paper is sufficiently thick for the pages to be opened without too much difficulty when wet." Canoeist

"Wouldn't it be great if you could write down your angling notes as they happen without fear of them getting washed away in the rain? Well maybe the new handy waterproof notebook from Fernhurst Books could be just what you are looking for." Sea Angler

“These are just about what they say on the cover - waterproof notebooks. The pages are plastic paper, I can write on them dry or wet! The pages seem to take pencil, ballpoint and felt-tip well. The smaller pocket-sized notebook has blank pages, the larger version has lined pages. I carry a paper notebook in the camera bag which comes fishing. It gets damp, uselessly damp. Easily replaced with one of these. Utterly simple, handy products.”

“Popular since it was first launched in 2000, the waterproof notebook has been a bestseller for 15 years, the original book has the new title Waterproof Notebook Pocket-sized. The convenient size of the smaller version is ideal for note-taking and sketches. Printed on plastic waterproof paper which can be written on using most writing tools, the pages can be re-used if writing with a pencil or chinograph. The spiral binding allows the book to be opened flat / folded back. The book is great for making notes near water or when it might rain.” Towpath Talk, January 2016

“The smaller is ideal to keep in the pocket. The large book has more space for pilotage plans. Tough, reuseable (with pencil) and rust-free binding make them good value for money and a great addition to any chart table.” Yachting Monthly, March 2016


Dimensions:126 x 85 mm

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