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Rules In Practice 2021-2024

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World Sailing published the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024 in 2020 and Fernhurst Books, like many publishers, created their rules guides based on what they had published.

One of the changes in the rules from the 2017-2020 version was that Rule 50.1(b) increased the maximum permitted weight of the trapeze harness to 6 kilograms. This was duly noted in our chapter on rule changes (page 9) and incorporated into the rules at the back of this book (page 116).

In January 2021 World Sailing changed this rule again, reverting to the 2017-2020 wording and a maximum weight of 2kg unless class rules specified a higher weight, maximum 4kg.

Immediately we became aware of this change by World Sailing we amended our eBook. World Sailing’s post-publication changes will be incorporated into the next reprint of Rules in Practice, but for the moment please note that while Rule 50.1(b) did initially change for the 2021-2024 rules, it has now been changed back.

A full list of the post-publication changes made by World Sailing can be found by going here and clicking on the document ‘Changes and corrections to the RRS’.

February 2021


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