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Asymmetric Dinghy Book

by Rice, Andy

Book: £16.99 BUY BOOK
Published:13th April 2021
Type:Paperback & E-Book
Series:Start to Finish


Asymmetric dinghies burst into the sailing scene in the 1990s and have transformed the sport. They led to the introduction of new types of courses and a new sailing style. While the basic principles may be the same as for conventional dinghies, the increased focus on apparent wind sailing and responding to changes in wind pressure and direction downwind are exciting new elements that asymmetric dinghies bring. 

This book allows you to learn the secrets of getting the most from your asymmetric dinghy – whether you sail an entry level dinghy or a high-performance skiff, single-handed or with a crew. Following its advice will enable you to enjoy being at one with your boat and the wind. 

It is written by asymmetric champion sailor and journalist Andy Rice who has also gleaned tips, advice and some great shortcuts from expert sailors in a wide range of classes. This will give you the inside knowledge to improve your techniques and get ahead of the fleet.  

There’s step-by-step guidance, accompanied by great photo sequences. Every stage of asymmetric sailing is covered, including rigging and tuning, hoists, gybes and drops, tactics, survival sailing and advanced skills for solo and crewed boats. 

“121 pages of more knowledge than you can possibly assimilate in one go, so this is a book you’ll find yourself coming back to for years and years… There are very good photo sequences showing manoeuvres… It is well worth reading. But I sort of hope you don’t; I would quite like to keep some of these tips to myself!” 2000 Class Association

“This book will be a treasure trove for anyone who sails an asymmetric dinghy, whether they are just starting to learn about apparent wind sailing or are competing at a high level. If you want to enjoy asymmetric sailing, and improve your skills, I thoroughly recommend this book.” (Nathan Outteridge)

Illustrations:203 colour photos
Dimensions:240 x 170 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available

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