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by Firstbrook, Peter

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Published:2nd November 2021
Type:Hardback & E-Book


Coastwise examines the coastline of the British Isles as a dynamic environment and offers you an understandable explanation of how the coastline functions as a single entity. It is supported by hundreds of stunning photos and illustrations.  

It begins by exploring how the forces of nature combine to create its physical features (and continue to do so). This is a multifaceted story that involves ancient geology and powerful ocean forces. 

It then turns to the living nature of the coast, covering the unique plants, animals and other organisms whose interdependence keeps the coast alive and healthy. These amazing creatures are described and displayed in full colour. 

The third part of the book looks at how humans have interacted with the coast, using it for defence, commerce and leisure. It explores these aspects from the earliest times to the present day. 

The final section shows, for each coastal region, where the features discussed in the book can be observed and enjoyed, giving you a practical way of exploring the elements described in the book. 

All aspects of the coast are covered, making it essential reading – or a wonderful gift – for all those who spend time on Britain’s coast. As Countryfile presenter, Tom Heap, says in his Foreword: “These pages are a practical love letter to Britain’s waterfront and no seaside holiday home should be without them.” 

"This splendid, substantial hardback book, with many wonderful photographs, covers the coast of the British Isles in just the right detail.” Little Ship Club

“His relaxed narrative, clear illustrations and beautiful photography will appeal to anyone with an interest in the world around them. Coastwise will educate and fascinate readers of all ages, as you’re guided around Britain and some of its most beautiful locations.” RNLI Lifeboat

“All aspects of the coats are covered, making it essential reading – or a wonderful gift – for all those who spend time on Britain’s coast.” Sailing Today

“Beautifully illustrated love letter to Britain’s coast.” Ocean Sailor

It’s jam-packed full of photographs and diagrams, and finds a perfect balance between sometimes complex concepts and easy reading. It’s accessible, very readable and endlessly fascinating. It’s basically an encyclopaedia of the coast.” Kit Pascoe

Illustrations:370 colour photos, 21 maps, 45 illustrations
Dimensions:250 x 210 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available

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