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Introduction To Yacht Design

by Nicolson, Ian

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Published:18th October 2022
Series:Skipper’s Library


For all those who love boats, their ‘lines’ are an essential element in the appreciation of individual craft. But what are these lines and how are they created? 

This book introduces the reader to the principles of yacht design in a straightforward and understandable manner to allow them to be aware of the elements and processes involved. Most of the maths has been replaced with simple rules of thumb. 

This will be invaluable to the boat owner to be aware of the characteristics of their design, and it will help them if they want to modify the hull, rig, deck layout or accommodation.  

It will be equally useful to boat buyers who want to ask questions like: “How will she sail?”; “How much will she cost?”; “How easy is it to change things?” and “How can I reduce or increase sail area without upsetting the balance?”. 

Boat owners and buyers will be able to feel more confident when talking to designers and boatbuilders about their current or future boat. 

While novice boat designers can start their journey with this book, giving them a good foundation whether they want to use pencil and paper or Computer Aided Design. 

So, if you are any of the above, or simply have an interest in yacht design, this is the book for you! 

“A ‘box’ set’ of short articles, illustrated with Ian’s captivating line art, which takes us progressively, one easy step at a time, further into that big subject of boat design.” Watercraft Magazine

“This is a short, easy to read book with many simple diagrams that is just right for anybody interested in the process of designing a yacht plus understanding what the basic design diagrams are showing.” Little Ship Club

Illustrations:10 diagrams
Dimensions:240 x 170 mm

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