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Wind Strategy

by Campbell, Fiona & Houghton, David

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Published:13th September 2016
Series:Sail to Win


The wind powers everything a sailor does and this book will help you to understand it. As a result you will be more prepared for your race, able to anticipate changes in the wind better and know what to do when they come. The first edition of this book was published in 1986, and it has been the go-to wind book for dinghy champions ever since. This new-look fourth edition is fully updated for modern forecasting and analyses a revised set of popular racing venues around the world: unveiling what to expect from the weather at over 25 regatta locations, it will get you ahead of the competition and powering up the leaderboard.

“Wind Strategy remains the ‘go to’ book for racing sailors seeking to improve their understanding of the vagaries of the wind.” Yachting Life

"A good read for sailors of all abilities with plenty of illustrations to guide the club sailor and regular racers." Gybe Magazine

It covers everything a dinghy sailor could possibly need to know about how wind and weather can affect you on the race course, and the knowledge here can help put you one step ahead of the competition before the start gun has even fired.” The Final Beat

“It's got a fairly simple rule of thumb which makes you look like you have a 4th sense for the weather.” Steve Cockerill

“Weather is multidimensional and rarely simple but in this book both David and Fiona expertly explain what can be a complicated subject in an easily understandable format. You will remember or learn something every time you pick up this book. I can guarantee that something you learn in this book will help you improve your racing results. Remember it all and you may no longer be the sailor in the bar explaining how ‘unlucky’ you were when the wind shifted against you!” Ian Walker

Illustrations:30 colour photos, 200+ diagrams
Dimensions:240 x 170 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:Spanish

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