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Quality Time

by Peyton, Mike

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Published:14th March 2017


Published to celebrate the life of Mike Peyton, ‘the world’s greatest yachting cartoonist’, this second edition features personal tributes from some 12 other successful and well-known sailors (including Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Sir Ben Ainslie and Tom Cunliffe). They all recognise Mike’s observational talent and comment on how sailors see themselves (or their friends) in his cartoons.

Along with 80 of his incomparable cartoons, Mike Peyton recounts how he became a yachting cartoonist and his fifty years of sailing. So as well as chuckling at the cartoons themselves there is the opportunity to learn from Peyton’s 50 years of experience of sailing different boats, meeting a variety of sailors, and getting into – and out of – some truly hilarious situations.


“A welcome re-run of the greatest cartoons from yachting’s greatest cartoonist.” Sailing Today

“A welcome re-run of the greatest cartoons from yachting’s greatest cartoonist.” Classic Boat

“The story of his life in boats, from his first cartoon to becoming a household name for yachting families. As always the cartoons speak for themselves.” Classic Sailor

“Looking through the book, which depicts so many years of sailing, it’s easy to understand why Mike’s work is loved by so many. There’s a gentle, warm humour to his work, which will be much missed in the sailing world.” Sailing Today

“Whatever branch of yachting is our choice, Mike caught us to a tee. His ability to squeeze the juice out of a situation we all have shared, while populating it with characters we know so well, was unique.” Tom Cunliffe

“As well as 79 classic cartoons, I particularly enjoyed the 32 pages written by Mike filled with wonderfully-observed vignettes from his 50 years afloat, like written versions of his cartoons. It’s a poignant read, a reminder of what we’ve lost, but worthy of a place next to anyone’s bunk.” Yachting Monthly

“Another superb little book… How, in a small picture, does he capture so well the expressions of those in the cockpit?” Cruising Association


Illustrations:80 (cartoons)
Dimensions:240 x 171 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available

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