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Coach Yourself to Win

by Jon Emmett

Illustrations:42 colour photos, 100 diagrams
Size:240 x 170 mm
Published:24th Feb. 2015
Series:Sail to Win
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The twelve fundamental elements of successful sailing from a gold medal winning coach and sailor.

This book will help you to succeed on the water whether your aim is club, national, international (or even Olympic) level.  With detailed analysis, challenging exercises and useful top tips throughout, everything is covered: from targets, goal setting and a winning mental attitude to boat handling, strategy and tactics (plus lots more).

Handy diagrams on almost every page help to clarify complex concepts and scenarios, and brilliant action photographs bring the text to life.  The foreword is written by the London 2012 Laser Radial class gold medallist Lijia Xu, and each chapter is closed with not-to-be-missed advice from Olympic medallists – making this a must-have book for all sailors who aspire to great success.

 (Target & Goal Setting)

 (Boat Handling)

“If you can read, absorb and put into practice just some of the advice given, you'll be a better sailor – if you can take most of the knowledge with you, there is no reason why you shouldn't win… Backed by top class colour graphics and photos, Emmett has a refreshing way of delivering the words, and that, in turn, makes it easier to coach yourself." Sailing Magazine

"Emmett is a natural communicator. His books are very much practical manuals... must reads for dinghy sailors." Sail World

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