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Weather at Sea

by Simon Rowell

Illustrations:102 photos & charts & 68 diagrams
Size:240 x 170 mm
Published:October 2020
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The weather affects everyone at sea, whether you are pottering along the coast, motoring from port to port or sailing to another continent. This book explains the basic principles that govern the weather from a practical, on the water, sailor’s point of view. It goes through global, regional and then local weather patterns so you understand what is happening, how this might change and why.  

Armed with this knowledge and understanding you will be more confident to make decisions about when and when not to venture out to sea and what to expect if things change while you are out there. 

Simon Rowell shares his experience as a round-the world skipper and world-class weather forecaster. He explains the basic physics creatively and puts it in context with real situations to enable you to apply weather theory to practical sailing scenarios. 

Hundreds of illustrations aid the communication of what can be a complex subject, enabling you to better understand the weather and increase your enjoyment and safety when out on the water. 

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