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Laser Campaign Manual

by Ben Ainslie

  • ISBN:
  • Format:
  • Pages:
  • Illustrations:
  • Size:
  • Published:
  • Edition:
  • 9781898660903
  • Paperback
  • 96
  • 200 colour photos
  • 240 x 170 mm
  • 2003
  • 1st
  • Foreign rights sold:
  • All rights available

Sir Ben Ainslie won his first two Olympic medals (silver, then gold) in the Laser Class. After winning his gold medal he wrote down the secrets that won him this medal in this book. Brimming with photographs, this is a colourful, detailed account of how to dominate the world’s hottest class.

From psychology, goal setting, getting the boat right to speed, fitness and training – this book illustrates how to win a championship. Plus, access to incredible video clips of Ainslie starting, sailing downwind and manoeuvring.

This book is the only how-to book that the world’s most successful Olympic sailor has written and so, while he and the Laser class have moved on, this is the only place where you can gain access to Ben’s skills and thought process. It remains an invaluable guide as to how to perform at the top of the Laser class or, indeed, any single-handed sailing dinghy.



"Ben Ainslie is the most accomplished Laser sailor I have ever worked with. His determination, fitness and sheer natural talent are quite extraordinary." Rod Carr, formerly Olympic Team Manager & Coach

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