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New Crew's Pocketbook

by Davison, Tim

Book: 9.99 BUY BOOK
Published:8th June 2021
Type:Paperback & E-Book
Series:Nautical Pocketbooks


Going aboard a sailing yacht for the first time is an exciting experience, but it can be a bit daunting. It introduces you to many unknowns: terra firma is left behind, the boat is propelled by something you can’t see (the wind), there are ropes everywhere and a whole new vocabulary opens up! 

Your skipper will brief you on the key things you need to know, but this book is a great opportunity to learn a bit beforehand which will give you the basic knowledge to work the boat, be safe, have fun… and be asked back for more! 

Written in a friendly and approachable way, it assumes no nautical knowledge and uses diagrams and photographs to demystify the art of sailing. Devised to be read by new crew before they arrive at the boat, it is also great to keep on board as a quick and easy reference guide.  

Ideal for skippers to give to anyone joining them on board for the first time. As soon as a person steps aboard they are crewing: drawn into casting off, hoisting sails, winching and even steering. It’s impossible to cover everything in your briefing, so any knowledge they can gain beforehand is a blessing and will make your yacht a happier, safer place for everyone. 

Additional chapters covering spinnaker handling are available online and in the eBook. 


"The book delivers on its promises of providing the basics to crew on a boat, keep safe and have fun… Throughout there are excellent diagrams and clear colour photographs to illustrate the text” Cruising Association

"This book would be a great one to have on board and to share with potential first-time crew prior to departure… It is a virtual Competent Crew course in a pocketsize offering.” Moody Owners’ Association

“The New Crew’s Pocketbook is a useful little sailing book intended to be read in advance of a first sailing trip and kept for reference thereafter… Effective use is made of diagrams and photographs.” Yachting Monthly

“The book is nice and simple in its format and provides an introduction to the vocabulary of sailing and a useful reference point for a new sailor seeking to find their bearings aboard. The book has a friendly and approachable tone and is in no way condescending. The text is also nicely broken up with illustrations and diagrams.” Sailing Today

Dimensions:210 x 100 mm

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