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New Crew's Companion

by Mosenthal, Basil

£8.99 BUY BOOK
Published:25th November 2014
Type:Spiral bound splash proof
Series:Practical Companions


This compact, handy and splash-proof companion contains all the essential information that a new crew needs before stepping aboard: from ropes, sails and deckwork to clothes, safety and life onboard plus much more.

Sailing is far more fun if you understand what is going on and can give a hand. And if the weather turns nasty, or things go wrong, then an extra hand can be invaluable. Ideal for a skipper to give out to new crew, or for a new crew to buy for themselves, to ensure that they know what to expect and get the most out of their first sailing experience.


“It would make a great welcome-on-board gift for skippers to give to new crew. It teaches them terminology and skills, but also takes a no-nonsense approach to extremely important matters - like crew asking if a skipper would like them to contribute to the boat's kitty. Very handy for nautical novices.” Sailing Today

“It's small, concise and surprisingly good at packing useful information into a tiny space. Basil has had considerable practice at writing simply and clearly to help the novice understand sailing and he does it very well...” Yachting Monthly

“These slimline, flip-over 'learn-to-sail' type books are priceless in my view; and this second edition of 'New Crew's Companion' tops the bargain list once more... all the essentials are there for the new crew to make their lives easier aboard. A working knowledge of the text and illustrations herein are things which would make a 'newbie' welcome onboard any yacht.” Sailing Magazine

Illustrations:53 colour illustrations
Dimensions:222 x 80 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:Turkish

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