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Coastal & Offshore Navigation

by Cunliffe, Tom

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Published:2nd January 2009


Discover what the modern yacht navigator needs to know for a stress-free voyage along the coast and out of sight of land. This book is designed to raise the game of the inshore day-sailor to fully fledged offshore navigator capable of handling any sea passage short of an ocean crossing.  

The book contains what you need to stay safe using techniques from non-electronic essentials through to the latest in electronic chart plotters. It reviews the basic arts of navigation and covers tides, how to predict them and make them work for you and how to keep a check on your navigational accuracy and modify your tactics accordingly. It analyses the vital relationships between the fix and the estimated position and explains the safe and constructive use of electronic aids for navigation. Passage planning for an enjoyable, satisfying voyage is explored and there is a systemic, no-nonsense approach to passage making.

It is suitable for those who are at ‘Day Skipper’ level and who wish to progress, or those who have started out with the companion book Inshore Navigation, from which this book follows on. Fernhurst Books recommends this book for Yachtmaster and Coastal Skipper students. 


"Providing you with a solid foundation in the art of coastal and offshore navigation." Boat Mart

“...provides a solid foundation in the practicalities of plotting your route to a destination...worth its weight in gold.” All at Sea

Illustrations:37 colour photos, 132 diagrams
Dimensions:210 x 170 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available

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