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Inshore Navigation

by Cunliffe, Tom

Book: £14.99 BUY BOOK
Published:12th September 2008
Type:Paperback & E-Book


Navigation is a subject best learned outside the classroom so this book is written to get you started as soon as possible. Once you've mastered a few simple principles, it helps you to get afloat and stay out of trouble as you learn the necessities and build confidence. Using straightforward explanations and clear illustrations, Inshore Navigation goes straight to the heart of each topic.

This is the definitive guide for everyone who wants to learn navigation easily, quickly and safely.


"This is a comprehensive navigation book for complex jargon, just simple step by step explanations." Sailing Today

"Inshore Navigation is the definitive beginner's guide to marine navigation." Boat Mart

“This is a great read for anyone new to navigation and is very much recommended for any trainees on the Day Skipper course. For those of us that rely (over rely?) mostly on electronic navigation, it wouldn’t do any harm to brush through this book to refresh one’s knowledge.” Little Ship Club

Illustrations:24 colour photos, 109 diagrams
Dimensions:210 x 170 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available

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