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Rules in Practice 2017-2020

by Bryan Willis

  • ISBN:
  • Format:
  • Pages:
  • Illustrations:
  • Size:
  • Published:
  • Edition:
  • 9781909911529
  • Paperback
  • 160
  • 85 diagrams
  • 210 x 170 mm
  • December 2016
  • 9th
  • Foreign rights sold:
  • German
£16.99 BUY BOOK

The racing rules bible, completely updated for the latest 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing.

You don’t have to know all the rules off by heart, but you do need to know your rights and obligations on the water – the rules can be looked up afterwards. This book takes you through the key situations that occur repeatedly on the race course showing, from the point of view of each boat in turn, what you may, must, or cannot do. Colour diagrams throughout ensure concepts are easily understood. 

The book also contains the new Racing Rules of Sailing in full, with all the Appendices. The latest rule changes are highlighted, along with their impact on you as a sailor.

The Rules in Practicehas been the racing rules bible for over 30 years, written by Bryan Willis who is an acknowledged rules expert.


“Takes readers through the key situations that occur repeatedly on the race course. The latest rule changes are highlighted along with their impact on sailors. This book helpfully contains the new racing Rules of Sailing in full, with all the appendices, all for little more cost than a copy of the racing rules alone.” Yachting Life

“Bryan Willis’ approach is situation-based and practical, rather than rules-based and technical… Under the diagrams that clearly set out each on-the-water situation, he carefully takes the reader through what each boat can and can’t do, as well as how their rights and obligations change at each stage… The text is peppered with useful tactical insights and tips… Get it now BEFORE someone who has it, and has studied it, protests you out of your next race!” Sailing Magazine

“An excellent book: ideal for all sailors who race, or are thinking of racing.” Little Ship Club

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