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Celestial Navigation

by Tom Cunliffe

Illustrations:42 diagrams, 18 colour photos
Size:240 x 170 mm
Published:August 2010
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available
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Celestial navigation is one of the oldest of the mariner’s arts – and one of the most awe-inspiring. It is also essential for every ocean sailor who wants to be able to fix his position should the GPS fail. Tom Cunliffe shows you how to master the art in easy stages. Within a few pages you’ll be taking your first sight. From there it is a short step to plotting your position, wherever you may be on the world’s oceans.

Whether you need to pass an exam, want a back-up to GPS positioning or simply choose to delight in the wonder of the cosmos, this is the perfect guide. With photographs, charts and diagrams to help your learning, you will be able to master the sextant and navigate using the sun, moon, planets and stars.


“Tom's warm and humorous writing style makes the book easy to digest, while still explaining the subject in detail.” Yachting Monthly

“He writes with the authority of a man who knows that his methods work in the most testing of all examination rooms, a small boat sailing on the open ocean.” Bill Anderson, Formerly RYA Training Manager

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