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Illustrated Navigation

by Ivar Dedekam

Illustrations:295 colour illustrations
Size:240 x 170 mm
Published:April 2017
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Today, yachts are often equipped with radar, GPS, chart plotters, AIS, etc. This equipment has also become much more reliable, making it possible to make long offshore passages without a great knowledge of navigation. 

However, such equipment can be set up wrongly, interpreted incorrectly, malfunction or lose power. In these circumstances, knowledge of traditional navigation can become extremely important.

This book will teach you how to navigate in the traditional way using compass, log and plotter; and also how to navigate using electronic aids like GPS, radar and chart plotter. In addition, you will learn some basic celestial navigation using the sun and stars to obtain your position using sextant, almanacs, tables and a watch.

Each method of navigation is explained alongside detailed illustrations and examples, combining to make a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide.

“If you’re a newbie keen to understand what’s happening on board, this could be just the thing.” Yachting Monthly

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