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Living Through The Gale

by Cunliffe, Tom

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Published:2nd May 2023


Being prepared for heavy weather at sea 

Heavy weather is a lurking spectre that most of us hope and plan to avoid, but not even internet forecasting can make it go away. 

Anyone intent on crossing oceans must be ready to deal with it if it comes, as well it may. Even well-informed inshore and continental-shelf sailors will inevitably be caught out sooner or later. 

The object of this slim, quickly absorbed volume is to give everyone, whatever their passage-making aspirations, a sound brief so that whether they find themselves at the wrong end of a force-six blow along the coast, or confronting serious waves far out at sea, they are fully aware of their options for taking it in their stride. 

Illustrations:142 colour photos & 64 diagrams
Dimensions:240 x 170 mm