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Jib Trimming

by Marks, Felix

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Published:12th May 2015


Everything you need to know about trimming the foresail. This book demystifies the black art of jib trimming and focuses purely on this role. Concepts covered range from lift, drag and sail shape to wind changes and sea state, with lots more in between. The guide is full of annotated photographs and diagrams to show you exactly what you are trying to achieve and the use of sailing terminology has been reined in.

Once this guide is in your head, you will be trimming like a pro. Stand out from the crowd and become a valued crew member by uncovering the secrets of sailing fast whilst remaining in control.


“… this is an excellent introduction to trimming, and no doubt contains some useful reminders for more experienced headsail trimmers too.” Yachts & Yachting

"...jib trimming will be de-mystified for the beginner, and the more experienced sailor..." Sailing Magazine

“Dedicated jib trimmers on racing yachts will get the most from this paperback, but what works for them should be equally effective on a cruising yacht.” Yachting Monthly

Illustrations:42 colour photos, 29 diagrams
Dimensions:210 x 170 mm
Foreign Rights Sold:All rights available

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