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Illustrated Sail & Rig Tuning

by Ivar Dedekam

Illustrations:360 colour illustrations
Size:240 x 170 mm
Published:March 2000
£13.99 BUY BOOK

This beautifully illustrated and well-organised book shows you how to trim your sails and rig for maximum performance.

With a revolutionary approach to sail and rig tuning, this book tackles the practical and realistic elements of tuning your boat as well as the theory of sail aerodynamics. The book covers the many variations in boat, sail and rig design. It has become the bible on tuning.

"... this book is different. It's stuffed with over 150 clear colour illustrations and informative captions and explanations. I recommend this little book to everyone - whether expert or novice, you'll find something." Sailing Today

“Over 80 pages this book goes from the basics of points of sail, sail-shaping tools, twist and apparent wind, right through to setting the spinnaker pole height and moving the spinnaker sheet lead forward to reduce the tendency to roll downwind. There’s also a very handy problem-cause-solution section which gives you things to try if you have too much weather helm, or you’re not pointing as well as you should.” Yachting Monthly

"I will urge anyone who takes their sailing seriously to buy a copy." Cruising Magazine

We hope you enjoy this book but would like to point out that, due to the design of the book, we have had to restrict the layout of the ebook to PDF style which may result in giving you a more restricted reading experience. For this reason,we would not recommend viewing it on very small screens. For best results, we recommend the following apps/ereaders:

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