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by Danilo Fabbroni

Illustrations:70 B&W photos, 118 diagrams
Size:210 x 170 mm
Published:April 2013
£14.99 BUY BOOK

Covering every aspect of standing and running rigging on a boat, this step-by-step guide explains the various options and materials alongside clear illustrations and photographs.

Beginning with how to choose and fit equipment on cruising and racing yachts of all sizes, you will progress to tuning your rig to increase safety and achieve better performance.

Hundreds of alternate configurations are examined and the bewildering array of lines is simply explained. Calculations are kept easy and straightforward wherever used.

Whether you sail a gaff-rigged classic, a weekend cruiser or a high tech racer, this book contains everything you need and want to know about the mysterious art of boat rigging.

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